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The Fully Loaded range is a powerful premium hybrid of some of the best ingredients on the market, this awesome mix features the pulling power of the Livercracker powder whilst also boasting the inclusion of the infamous big fish ingredient of Haith’s CLO.
Two years of testing have made this one of our most anticipated bait releases ever!

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The Fully Loaded range is a powerful premium hybrid of some of the best ingredients on the market.  This mix features the pulling power of our Livercracker powder and finally the fish ingredient of Haith’s CLO.

CLO – Cod Liver Oil:

CLO is another great high fat and fat is a vital ingredient in any carp bait, be it boilie, pellet or pulse. This, in part accounts for the success of CLO, which stands for ‘Cod Liver Oil’. Along with most bird feeds, fats greatly contribute to the effectiveness of any carp bait as they allow the protein content of the bait to be utilised more fully. Therefore the uptake of dietary protein in turn contributes to the carps’ well being and general health.

CLO is a very popular base mix ingredient that takes this to another level, as the fat content promotes quicker, more effective uptake of the nutrients that comprise the rest of the base mix. This is our own version of the universally popular Sluis CLO and in our opinion this is more effective in a base mix as it come to you pre-ground as a fine powder, thus blending in quickly and effectively with the other components of the mix. These are the main advantages of our CLO.

  • Adds cod Liver Oil value to base mixes.
  • Contains all the essential omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Increases nutrition and attraction qualities.
  • Improves binding qualities.
  • Adds texture and crunch to a base mix.
  • Introduces protein-sparing fats.
  • Oil-rich seeds add crunch and boost attraction.

Hydrolysed Liver Powder:

This Hydrolysed Liver Powder we use is derived from chicken and is a great addition to any bait, great for pretty much any bait application. This highly attractive/Soluble liver powder has great palpability and nutritional properties.

A great multi-range product, useful for spod/stick/base/pellet mixes etc.

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