I have been carp fishing for over 40 years during which, I have seen carp fishing grow to the popular sport it has become today. In the early days carp fishing was shunned by the average angler who could not understand why we would sit there for days on end and struggle to catch a single fish. With hardly any information available in them days we had to learn and develop our skills through trial and error. This gave me a great understanding of the carp’s behaviour and how act and respond in their natural habitat. It taught me about the use different baits at different times of the year and different rigs and presentations to suit each lake I fished.
Over the years I have caught lots of big carp on many different methods, from freelining on both the bottom and the top to more conventional methods we see today. Different ways of fishing on the bottom using traditional lead set ups, float fishing and many more. Over the course of the last forty plus years, I have brought lots of anglers into the sport and hell them improved their skills and abilities.
I get asked lots of questions on how to tackle different scenarios constantly so have decided to pass my knowledge on with specific, tailormade tuitions. During the tuitions, we will adapt each one differently, helping the angler to learn where they feel they need to improve most. My main approach nowadays is to create an area for the carp to feed on by baiting and then ambush the fish using timing and patience. This method I find best for the big fish that I generally target but am happy to teach the skills around single hook-bait fishing which I have done plenty of over the years and catching smaller carp from heavily stocked lakes. I will teach rig tying using an array of rigs which have served me well over the years and the correct ways of tying the knots. One of the things I am big on is leaders, so can teach the correct way of assembling leaders and where they need to be used most effectively. Casting, and how to cast correctly so you can search for features such as gravel, deep/shallow water, or silt. To bait heavily, I use a combination of methods such as, spodding, baiting spoons and catapulting, which all has its place in different circumstances.
The tuitions will touch on the amount of bait needed for each session, silt fishing, gravel fishing, pop-ups or bottom baits which all have their place in my armoury. The use of back leads, line lay and pinning the line away from a wary carp. The sessions can take place at a variety of different venues such as big gravel pits, where we may touch on the use of rakes and weed clearing. Small intimate lakes which take on a completely different approach or the busy day ticket scene. I am sure after spending a day or two with me you are guaranteed to walk away with knowledge that could take years to come by. The sessions will be limited so make sure you get booked in so as not to be disappointed, tight lines, Terry.