Pure Garlic Powder


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Pure Super Strong Garlic Powder 100g

Our new super potent, high strength Garlic Powder is so strong it should come with a health warning!

This powerful, natural ingredient that carp go mad for, has a very distinctive taste and aroma that has a multitude of useful applications.

It can be added to stick and bag mixes, particles, spod mixes, pellets, included in base mixes or used to boost hookbaits. Due to the intensity it only needs to be used in very low levels for optimum performance making it a very cost effective additive.

Garlic Powder acts as a natural antibiotic, it is a top additive for using in fish meal baits and an ingredient that never seems to lose it edge. This extra strong variety contains health-promoting properties for carp and when used in a fish meal or spicy boilie mix gives the bait a powerfully attractive, natural aroma.