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Tiger Nuts description:

Tiger nuts must be one of the best Carp baits around. Being very sweet and crunchy, Carp will go wild for them.

Our tigers are from the finest grade available and come in a raw form.  Once cooked they will double in size and weight.

The benefits of using Tiger nuts are many, the simple fact that they stay on a hair rig without breaking down is a major benefit for this versatile bait. They are practically Crayfish proof, and although nuisance fish such as Bream and Tench will still eat them, they find it difficult to crunch, so are a sufficient deterrent.

Tiger nuts can be used in many ways such as a small handful fished over boilies or over other particles like hemp seed. They are also great when used in amongst a spread of Tigers, fishing over 4 or 5 catapults full is a great method on many lakes and rivers. Personally I have caught Carp on Tigers throughout the year, even in the winter they can be a devastating bait, although they are at their most effective during the summer months.

Tiger nuts cooking instructions and tips:

Tiger nuts in the raw form must be cooked before use. The best way to cook Tiger nuts is to half fill a large saucepan with the nuts, then submerge in water. Leave in the saucepan overnight before placing on a cooker. Once the water comes to the boil leave to simmer for 40 minutes.

Tips on preparing Tiger Nuts:

There are many different additives that work well with Tiger Nuts. My favourite over the years is to just add 4 or 5 dessert spoons full of brown sugar to them before cooking. Other favourites are adding neat flavourings such as the Nutcracker flavouring at around 20ml to each kilo of nuts. One of the best ways to fish Tiger Nuts is to leave them in a bucket for a week after cooking, this helps to release the sugars, making a thick syrup which the carp love.