Strawberry Nutcracker Fluoro Pink Pop Up


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A subtle strawberry ester flavour is mixed with the sweet attraction of the classic Nutcracker base mix, which features freshly ground tiger nut, milk proteins, and cereals, creating a nutritious, easy to digest offering that’s as good for the fish as it is for your fishing.


Whether you’re looking for a bait that brings instant bites, or something that can be part of a longer term baiting campaign, Strawberry Nutcracker from Urban Bait gives you everything you need to succeed on any angling venue, and is an effective, year-round choice for any coarse angler or keen carper.


These Strawberry Nutcracker Pop Ups are available in fluro pink, fluro yellow, washed yellow, and washed natural, and available in 12mm or 15mm, giving you a flexible choice for all your bait presentation needs.

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12mm, 15mm

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