Aaron Seldon -5 Temps time to get on the Nutcracker!!!!

I took the challange on to go to Crete lakes France the weather was against me from the start lows went to -5 tight baits was going to be my approach after have a chat to a couple lads that had been on the lakes who where using bright baits I decided to go different armed with urban baits nutcracker Boilies I layed a small amount of bait in picked areas of the lakes left for 24 hours I then fished corked out nutcracker hook baits I used the nutcracker stickmix for some small sticks with 4 Boilies on a stringer within minuets I had the first run a common weighing 25.07 was very happy

With this as they are a rareity at Crete lakes two days went past with no more action so I oped for a quick day stalking and manages to tempt a 24 pound mirror from some snags


after this action I grab the gear and moved in to that swim the next morning sat looking over the lake the alarm went and finally the 30 plus had fell to my tactics a stunning dark mirror weighting in at 36 pound hard work had payed off 


Aaron Seldon

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