Bait Ideas For Winter Carp Fishing – Soaking Boilies In Hemp Oil Video With Jim Shelley

In today’s video Jim Shelley walks you through one of his favourite bait ideas for winter carp fishing namely soaking boilies in hemp oil.

In the winter I like to glug my hookbaits. What you’ve got to remember is a lot of oils don’t work in temperatures below 8 degrees. This is why hemp oil is so good. For example if you chuck hemp oil into the margin you’ll see the oil dissipating in the water and floating off.

Bait Ideas For Winter Carp Fishing Hemp Oil

Bait Ideas For Winter Carp Fishing 101

Soaking Boilies In Hemp Oil

To me it’s almost like a Chum line. I add a flavour to it like Nutcracker. So get the Nutcracker pop ups, pour the hemp oil into your tub. Give it a good shake, the longer the better. What I mean by that is you’ve get more oil in the hookbaits and if you’ve got a decent pop-up like Urban Baits, these pop-ups stay and you can long-term glug.

Nutcracker Flavouring and Hemp Oil

Now when you cast them out in the water, if you want to fish single hook baits, these babies pull Carp in big-time. The quantities I would use to boost these hook baits would be around about a mil of hemp oil to two drops, three drops maximum, of Nutcracker flavour.

Rehydrating Boilies With Hemp Oil

Now, all you’ve got to do is just keep turning them. The longer the better. They almost become supercharged and you can just chuck these single hookbaits around. The pulling power in them is amazing.

Hemp Oil glugging hookbaits

I’ve got some that are over a year and I’m not even bothered if they slightly go a little bit darkened. You can see the fish show, some bubbling, some liners dropped back. Cast a single at it, and bang, you’ll get a bite straightaway.

So, I’d highly recommend checking soaking your boilies in Hemp Oil using this new product that Urban Bait have brought out. It’s one of my favourite bait ideas for winter carp fishing and one that I highly recommend.

Urban Bait Hemp Oil

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