What Is The Best Spring Carp Fishing Bait Approach?

In today’s Q&A video I want to talk about my preferred Spring carp fishing bait approach. I get a lot of questions sent in about this, so thought I’d make this video to help you guys out.

Spring Carp Fishing Bait – Put 1 to 3Kg’s In Then Leave

When it comes to Spring carp fishing bait there are a few things to keep in mind. For my Spring fishing, it’s a little bit difficult to know how much bait to put in. What I’ve found over the last few years is putting in a lot of bait in the Spring can work really well. It has done for me in the past.

spring carp fishing bait

So if you can get down to the lake a couple of days before, try putting a bit of bait in. I’m talking maybe a kilo, maybe two kilos. Then leave it a couple of days. This this can’t work for everyone. Obviously a lot of people can’t always get down to the lake. Some lakes you’re not even allowed to bait up.

However, if you can get down a couple of days before the session and put some bait in, the fish and the birds are going to dive on it. You want the birds diving on it. I’m sure that the carp see the birds diving on it and it create some disturbance. It will encourage the fish to feed on the bait.

Then what I would do, and this is my perfect way of fishing in the spring, put two or three kilos in. Leave it for two or three days with no lines in the water. Go back down there and just fish hookbaits. This spring carp fishing bait approach has caught me loads and loads of fish in the past.

At certain lakes and certain times of the year, baiting heavy in the Spring can be brilliant. If the fish are hungry and they really want to feed, then it can be brilliant.

Single Hookbaits Are Also Worth Testing

Also in the Spring, when the fly hatches are coming up and there’s a lot of natural foods around coming off the bottom, then it can go against you. In such cases single hookbaits can be the way forward.

So I would play around at this time of the year by maybe fishing one rod on a single to one part of the lake, one rod with a kilo over the top and one rod with maybe just 50 baits over the top. Then just start to feel your way around the lake and just to see which one starts to work. But I’d always still put a bit of bait in when you go home.

As a said before, not too much, a kilo, two kilos. You’ve just got to start introducing it. You’ve got to start letting them see it on the bottom. Let the birds dive on it. Let them see it on the bottom and move around it. It’s going to encourage them.

Terry Dempsey Urban Bait

My Spring Carp Fishing Bait Approach – Don’t Be Afraid To Play Around!

Also what you do find this time of year is one day there’ll be a lot of natural food. Then the next day there might not. The following day there might be a lot. This is what I’ve found at a lake that I’ve fished over the last four or five years. It fluctuates. One day you’ll be catching over three or four kilos. In the next session it’ll be a hookbait.

So you really do have to play around with what you’re doing. The good thing is we’re all using two or three rods so we’ve all got a good chance.

Once you suss it out, then start plugging away at singles and maybe fishing over a kilo. That’s the beauty of having two or three rods. You can really start playing around with techniques and you can fine-tune stuff.

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