Best Winter Carp Baits – Winter Boilies – The Best Baits For Winter Carp Fishing

If you’re looking for the best winter Carp baits then you’ve come to the right place. In the following three short videos and blog post, resident Urban Baits Carp expert Jim Shelley gives his views on the best baits for winter Carp fishing. You’ll learn the processes he undertakes to boost his baits whether they be hook baits, pop ups or his favourite winter boilies. This way you can continue to enjoy your fishing even when the cold is getting to your bones. So stay warm, stay dry and enjoy these edges this winter season so you can land a consistent catch.

Best Winter Carp Baits

#1 Mature Winter Boilies + Nutcracker Glug + Liver Cracker

An edge I’ve been using, in both the winter and summer months, is to mature my hook baits into mature winter boilies. What this means is I’m actually making them become, what I call, radioactive. I’m activating natural salts and sugars in the bait to release them out by making them go ‘mouldy white’. This is one of the very best baits for winter Carp fishing. So pay attention to this little recipe and technique.

I’m not worried about them being sticky. Sticky is fine but green is no good. It’s got to have a white covering on them.

Best winter carp baits mature boilies

In the winter it’s a problem to get them like this because it can take weeks even sitting in the van or whatever. But a quick way and a tip to get these baits white is to use your home to your advantage. You know what the missus is like? She has the house hot in the winter, like twenty-odd degrees!

So take the baits out of the freezer, and then leave them for two or three days in the house. They’ll gradually start to turn white. You’ve got to keep monitoring them and keep turning them and keep the bag opened.

winter carp love nutcracker glug and boilies

Once they’re matured I use some Nutcracker glug as shown above. When you put it on the bait, and the baits have got that white mould around them, they become radioactive! This liquid dissolves in the flavour and it’s almost like you’re putting Liver Cracker on them.

And then right at the very end, I get some Liver Cracker. This is another edge which has been brought forward into the Urban Bait range. You put them in, cover them all over and shake them around in the bag. I’ve shown this many times.

carp mature winter boilies with liver cracker

You can see the effect on the outside in the above picture. The hook baits get covered in it and they’re free offerings. Reason being, sometimes I put a hook bait in the bag, several of them, and they get the same treatment.

I do mesh my own hook baits. I’m letting a few secrets out here and little edges I do. It keeps you in front of the rest of the anglers. Plus it keeps the Carp guessing and the Carp coming. So try these winter boilies, they really do work.

Closing Tip: I don’t try to make the mature winter boilies every time I go fishing, especially on the same lake. I don’t always do the same thing. I change things. Tight lines, slack lines, boosted hook baits, washed out hook baits, short hook links, long hook links, etc, etc. So the Carp aren’t picking up and seeing the same thing.

Ingredients for making mature winter boilies:
Nutcracker Boilies
Nutcracker Glug
Liver Cracker Powder

Best Winter Carp Baits

#2 White Cork Ball Pop Ups + Nutcracker Flavouring

Next up let’s look at the White Cork Ball Pop Ups. These are one of the best winter Carp baits on the market. What you’ve got to remember with cork ball popups is they’ve only got a tiny little bit of paste wrapped around them. If you get a nuisance fish and you want to leave a hook bait in position for quite a long time, I’m saying at least twelve to thirty-six hours, this can be a whittled down by little fish, fry, etc.

So what Terry at Urban Bait has done, is he’s had these meshed up to give you a proper winter edge. I’ve been messing around with these for quite a long time. Normally, the things I experiment with, get brought into the Urban camp six to twelve months later.

Cork Ball Pop Ups

This is the Nutcracker flavour. And what I like to do is to boost these up. I’m fishing at times with a lot of single hook baits. I might be priming areas, what I mean is like baiting them up but I might chuck a single out. So I want maximum pull into the hook bait. So by boosting these hook baits up it gives them a real big boost of pulling power.

Winter Carp pop up flavouring

As per the above picture, when I’m boosting my hook baits, I like to get some of the Nutcracker flavouring and pour a little bit into the pop up container. Don’t go mad with it, there’s no need for it to swim in it.

You just want a few mil in there so there’s plenty to coat all of the hook baits. But more importantly, because it then seeps into the mesh, it stays in longer as well. Which means they’re boosted for even longer. It’s an edge a few of us have had for quite a few years.

I normally do it with a bit of salt and stuff also. I like to do this for a few weeks, or even months in advance so they’re well and truly soaked in. We’re talking three to five mil max.

Once they’re in there, I leave them at home for my Mrs and kids. They turn them everyday for me. I’ve probably got about ten jars at home on the go at any one time.

So all you do is turn them upside down then. Then the next day, turn them back the right way up. Keep doing that for a few weeks and even months. This gives them an even coating. It soaks in and they’re, what I call, super charged and boosted to hell…just look at those beauties below!

Boosted Winter Carp Baits

The ones I’m using are the white ones, the cork ball popups. Preparing them the way I’ve shown you, will give you one of the best winter Carp baits possible.

Ingredients for boosting White Cork Ball Pop Ups:
White Cork Ball Pop Ups
Nutcracker flavouring

Best Winter Carp Baits

#3 White Hook Baits + Nutcracker Flavouring

Now we are approaching the cold season, I want to use the best winter carp baits out there. I like to boost my carp baits up because I’m trying to pull the fish in. They’re all hanging out in mid water not doing a lot, so you want to try to grab their attention.

As you can see in the image above, I’m using white baits which, because of the amount of time they’ve been soaking in the Nutcracker flavouring getting boosted up, have turned a bit of a treacly colour. That’s telling me that the flavour’s gone right in.

Best Winter Carp Baits White Hook Baits & Nutcracker Glug

When I’m fishing in baited areas, I’ll just fish using boosted pop ups and hook baits, until I get a bite. You’ll come to a period in time where they sort of get a bit wise to your winter carp hook baits. They lose interest. So what Urban Baits have now done is come out with the washed out version.

winter carp hook baits

In the picture above are the pink ones and, I’m not just saying this, but the colour is bang on. It’s a washed out pink, it’s almost like it’s a white, which for me is bang on. These can be cast around.

All of this talk of washing baits out and stuff like that, I don’t really believe in that. I like to actually wash them out by hand. If you’re gonna use a washed out bait, just don’t put the flavour in. Well at least not quite as much of it. Which means it sort of mimics a bait that’s been in the water for ages.

So definitely check out these white and pink washed out pop ups as they are one of the best baits for winter carp fishing in my book.

Ingredients for boosting Winter HookBaits:
Nutcracker flavouring
Nutcracker Washed Out Yellow Pop Ups
Nutcracker Washed Out Pink Pop Ups

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