Broadlands Fishery Catch Report

We just received this catch report from the always excellent Peter Drozd who’s been fishing down at Broadlands Fishery over the last few days. As you can see he landed some nice Carp on the bank.

Broadlands Fishery
Broadlands Fishery Carp Fishing

Hi all, here is my recent catch. In 24 hours I managed to get 7 fish from my local day ticket water Broadlands Fishery. It started with a high double after 2 hours fishing. Then that morning I received a double take of a 25,5 lb and a 27,2 lb.
Broadlands Fishery Carp Bait
Broadlands Fishery Carp Boilies

30 minutes later I had another double take 27,10 lb and a double. Later on I had two more doubles so all in all a good day.

Broadlands Fishery Double Carp
Broadlands Fishery 6

All of the Carp were caught on the Urban Bait white pop ups over heavy glugged friebies.

Broadlands Fishery Carp Pop Ups

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