Back in March I joined a hard syndicate in Sussex and at this point I thought to myself “a new water, try a new bait”. So I paid for my syndicate and booked my first session… So I called Urban HQ and noooo I left it too late to get delivery in time for my session (I called on a Friday big mistake). So I jumped in the van and picked up my order. At this time I hadn’t even smelt the bait until after I brought it, so I had bought 20kg not really knowing a lot about it other than what I had read online….
Having spent the last few years with limited time on the bank due to work and family I was nervous that I had bitten off more than I could chew with this water.
I had a nightmare first session in one way or another, mainly because I hadn’t organised myself for the first trip and needless to say I blanked.
The following week I was back having spent time at the lake just looking and watching. I was a lot more organised and confident for this quick overnighter before work. There were 3 of us on that night and bear in mind this water hadn’t done a fish since January and it the 26th of march!! About 19:30pm one of the old boys had a 25lb mirror absolute stunner. I was full of confidence going in to the evening however a little gutted I hadn’t had the first fish of the new membership year. 22:30pm I was in had my first fish from the syndicate and slipped the net under a stunning 24:04 mirror.
A few weeks later I was back for a 24hr session and set up.  another chap who had been on for a few nights with nothing showing was feeling a little despondent,  I got the rods on the money and armed with the going bait I was still buzzing from the fish I had a couple of weeks previous, and the rods hadn’t even been out an hour and bang I was into a 27:03 common, to round off the session I also banked a 13:06 linear and 27:03 mirror at this point im buzzing two beauts at 27lb and 3 fish in this session I went home a happy chap, unfortunately the other guy blanked.

Over the next few sessions I had another 4 fish; 18:02 old warrior & 22lb common (these two were a double take), 19:08 mirror and a stockie.

The majority of my sessions are 12hr over nighters and 24hr sessions around work.
To think that In a season your doing well if your in low double figures with catches, I joined in March the end of and we are in May and had 8, this is down to the going bait!!! I never thought in my wildest dreams I would have had a season like this and to think its only just started.
I cant thank you guys enough and your bait has transformed my fishing and im 100% confident every session. im out fishing all the other members happy days.
Ill keep you posed to how the rest of my year goes.
“I Got on the going bait and staying on it !!!”

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