Carp Fishing Hemp Oil Uses With Terry Dempsey

Hi everyone, a short video today just to make you all aware that our new Carp Bait Hemp Oil is available on our website and in the shops who supply our bait.

There are five different ways that we’ve been using the Hemp oil the past couple of years.

Five Different Ways To Use Hemp Oil When Carp Fishing

Number 1: One is obviously to glug all your boilies in it. Brilliant for glugging boilies, great attractor washing your boilies out in it, really making them soft. It also helps to preserve fresh baits, as well, freezer baits. It’s brilliant for preserving for a long session, just keep glugging it in and making it really hard for the baits to turn.

Number 2: Secondly, a lot of guys use this with their stick mixes and also ground baits. Mix it in, you know, you can really add a lot to it. It’s PVA friendly so it’s perfect for that use.

Carp Bait Hemp Oil

Number 3: Thirdly, if you make your own baits, then I’d add this at around three to five mil per egg, you know, roll it into your baits making your baits really, really oily. It make them an absolutely brilliant product to use in a bait that you’re making yourself.

Number 4: Fourthly, if you use particles, some guys I know, they like to freeze down their hemp or freeze down particles. When you defrost them, just pour loads of this in, really working into the particle, absolute brilliant attractor. Even though it’s quite subtle and not so potent for us to smell, not so concentrate like flavourings, the Carp have got much better senses than us, they will pick up on it from a long distance.

Nut Juice Going In

Number 5: Finally, I could say crumbing down boilies. I suppose that you could say similar to stick mix, but if you crumb it down a load of boilie, a load of chops, just leave it soaking in this gear for days, even paste, using paste and putting it in hemp oil. You know, it’s just adding attractors all the time. Me, myself, on the bank will also be using this for cooking but that’s up to me.

Jim Shelley did a great couple of video’s the last couple of weeks showing how he uses the Hemp Oil for best results. You see them here:
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Thank you very much and speak to you soon,
Terry Dempsey.


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