Glugging Boilies In Oil – A Step By Step Guide To Give You A Proper Edge

Want to know how glugging Boilies in Oil can give you an extra edge this winter? If so then this weeks Carp tips video by Urban Bait Consultant Warren Fenn is for you. In it he will show you how he does it using Salmon Oil and the great results he’s got as a result.

Glugging Boilies In Oil Is A Major Winter Edge

An edge I’ve been using for a number of years is glugging boilies in oil before I prebait. I used to heavily glug my baits with Hemp Oil. It used to be a really good attractor but since being with Terry and using his bait, he’s got me using the Salmon Oil. The first time I used it, the smell really stood out as it smells incredible.

When glugging the bait it makes the bait lovely, nice and soft. And so I tend to glug it once, let the bait hydrate with all the juices, and then I put it back in the freezer and I will repeat those steps a number of times. I will sometimes repeat them three or four times and with the finished product, I bring it out of the freezer and I use it to bait a spot. It’s so soft, it’s lovely.

glugging boilies in oil

The attractors are booming out of it and you can literally bait a spot, pull it out and you’ll just see bubbles for hours on end just coming up and you can just see that area, the slick.

glugging boilies in salmon oil

How The Glugged Boilies Helped Me Land A Big Common On Boxing Day!

It’s helped me a lot with my fishing especially when I was trying to catch a big common Carp. It was a nice elusive linear in the lake and with the job I do, through winter, I wasn’t able to fish the lake. Now because I caught the big common in Autumn I kind of pulled off as I had a lot of work on, and I couldn’t really get back down there to catch any of the others. But I really wanted to catch this elusive linear.

glugging shelf life boilies helped me catch this

So what I tend to do, and did on this occasion, is go down to the lake, have a look around and bait up using this method to bait spots. And around Christmas time, funnily enough the coldest time of year, it was Boxing Day and I had a few days where I could go fishing and I thought I’d do a night down to the lake. So I went down there and I saw two decent mirrors feeding on one of the spots I was baiting.

I was really confident, so I phoned a mate, said “Ah there’s a fish feeding on my spot, I can’t believe it, it’s in December, I’m going to fish”. And that night I caught the linear off the spot and I’ll pretty much guarantee it’s because I had the bait going in and I was glugging Boilies in oil using the Salmon Oil ahead of going fishing.

I’ve had really good results since then and out of all the oils I’ve used, the Urban Bait Salmon Oil will be my number one choice even through winter.

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