How To Glug Boilies To Give You An Edge

Today I’m going to show you how to glug boilies to give you a proper edge. In the accompanying video, I’m going to show you step by step how to marinade your Carp baits so you can go out this weekend and enjoy consistent big catch results. This is a real big edge in my fishing and for lots of the guys at Urban Bait who fish on hard waters and fish with live baits. After all, you’ve always got to be one step ahead of the fish and the other anglers. So let’s get started.

Glugging Shelf Life Boilies

Basically, what we are going to do is marinade some twelve mil Nutcracker Boilies with the Urban Bait Nutcracker Glug and the Liver Cracker Powder. Now you can use any size, fifteen mil or eighteen mil, any bait really, but in the above video we are going to marinade the twelve mil.

Especially in winter time, the Carp just really love the Liver. They need it, they really like it. All the Amino Acids, all the nutrients in that Liver powder, the fish just home in on it. So this way of glugging shelf life boilies is a real winner.

How To Glug Boilies – A Step By Step Guide

Step 1: About twenty four to forty eight hours before you’re due to go fishing, get a bag of the bait you are going to use and pour half of it into a second bag. In this example I’m using the Nutcracker but you can also use the Red Spicy Fish or the Tuna and Garlic as well. I am just using the Nutcracker at this time of year as it works really well.

When I’m glugging boilies, I like to do a big batch at a time. I do about five or ten kilos, so I’ve got plenty to work with. You can stick it in the freezer once it is all marinated.

So I get my five-kilo bag and I get another bag and I tip half of it into the empty bag. The reason being that with a big five kilo bag, you are not going to be able to coat everything effectively. You’re not going to be able to get all of the Liver Cracker Powder, all the glug and all the liquids you want to stick in there. You’re just not going to be able to do it. So I split it up into two bags. Two two-and-a-half kilo bags but you could split it up into five one-kilo bags. It is really up to you.

I’m doing them both at the same time. Twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours before you are due to go fishing, split the bags.

Step 2: The next thing you do is you want to coat your free base with the liquid of your choice, in my case, the Nutcracker Glug. The good thing about the Glug and the Liver cracker powder is you can’t over do it. So it’s not like you have to put in a hundred mil or you have to put in ten mil per kilo. You just want to coat your baits.

How To Glug Boilies

First thing to do, just a give it a good dash and then give it a really good shake up. Really get the coating going until you have coated all of the free base. Let them stand for about five to ten minutes, let them soak in a little bit. Then go and do the same to the other bag.

Glugging Boilies

Step 3: Once it is all soaked in, and you’ve put enough of the glug in there, go and get your Liver powder. It’s a really good bit of kit, a nice little edge, and again you can’t over do it. You just want to put enough in so it coats the bait, changes the colour of the bait, and sucks in all that goodness of the Liver cracker powder.

glugging shelf life boilies

So, you put about a quarter of a tub of the Nutcracker powder in and give it a real good shake. Now, spend some time doing it, so you evenly coat them all over. If you think there is not enough in there just put a little bit more in. As I said, you can’t over do it. Do both bags and then I would leave them for twenty-four hours.

Top Tip: When it is summer time, I love glugging boilies in oil. I use a Salmon oil and the Nutcracker glug, mix them in together and it just goes into all of the water column and attracts the fish until you spot them.

Step 4: When you are about to go fishing for couple of days, pick the bags up and take a look inside. What you will see has happened is, the bait will have changed, everything will have got sucked in. The Liver cracker powder will have coated it and the glug will have sucked it in.

How To Glug Boilies 4

As the picture above shows, this bag has been done already. See the colour difference. You can see the bait has been soaking for about forty-eight hours. It turned really dark with the liver powder sucked into it. It is absolutely lovely, and what that will do is it will kick up.

Step 5: Stick that out when you get to the water. I like to put about a kilo or two kilos, spread it all out and it is kicking out all that goodness of all that glug and the Liver powder up into the water column. Any passing fish will go, “Oh look at that, lovely. I will have some of that” and it really enhances your catch rate, immensely, as it has for mine over the years just by using different liquids with the liver powder.

In Summary

I hope this guide on how to glug boilies helps you both now and in the future. Doing it right can give you a really good edge especially on busy day ticket waters where you are looking for that edge, or on really difficult waters where the fish can just pick up any bait and you want to make yours stand out and give them something that they really need.

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