How To Make A Stick Mix Recipe That Attracts Carp Every Time

In today’s video tutorial and blog post, Urban Bait consultant Adam Garland shows you how to make a stick mix that will get consistent fishing results. This is one of his favourite homemade carp stick mix recipes as it consistently gives him one of his very best edges to outwit any wary carp!

If you’re interested in making your own version, you will find a list of all the stick mix ingredients used in this video and blog post at the bottom of this post along with links to where you can get the various ingredients.

The recipe I’m about to show you is the Carp stick mix that I’ve been using for a while now. The reason being I’ve been using the mini spomb to put out the majority of my bait. I’ve got small parcels of bait going all over the place and what I’m trying to do with the stick mix is replicate that. So as the fish comes in, it’s just another little pile of bait.

stick mix ingredients

How To Make A Stick Mix – A Step By Step Guide

Step 1: So to start with, we take the Carp stick mix and add some of if into a bucket. Depending how much you want to make you can add more or less than I’m going to but I tend to start with about a third of a bag.

carp stick mix recipes

Step 2: Then add some of the Nutcracker pellets to the bucket, although not too many because they’ll affect the mix. Basically a handful should do. Then give that a little bit of a stir. You’ll see the pellets will break down at different times to the rest of the stick mix, leaving larger food items in there.

homemade carp stick mix

Step 3: Next up take some Nutcracker, I use the fourteen mil, and then put them in a crusher and start crushing them. If you can, do this after they’ve just defrosted so they’re nice and soft and really easy to crush up.

To that end, a little tip that I do when I’m home, is I pop them in the microwave just for a couple of minutes, sometimes not even a minute, and it just softens them nicely so that when you stick them in the crusher they’re really easy to do. And you can also use your blender if your missus will let you!

how to make a stick mix part 3

So crush them up and keep going until they’re down to a powder form. You really want to get it into a powder form with just a few larger bits in there so it compacts down nice and tight. Just make sure there’s nothing too big that’s going to affect the mix too much.

Step 4: Then take the Nutcracker stick mix liquid, add that to the mix and then use your hands to blend it all together. You’re going to get your hands a little bit messy doing this but at least it smells nice! Give it a good mix up just so you can get it into some kind of consistency, so you can start to shape it a little bit.

stick mix liquid

If you need to add a little bit more of the Nutcracker stick mix liquid, go ahead until it’s mixing nicely. You want it loose enough so that it breaks down. So as soon as the PVA dissolves it’s a nice little cloud but at the same time you don’t want it too loose that it won’t compact down.

NB: If in doubt, watch the video so you can see the ideal consistency I’m going for…I end up caked in the stuff!

fishing stick mix

Step 5: Take your PVA and then start pushing the mix inside. I’ve been using the types that are fatter rather than longer. I just find they tend to fly a little bit better.

Then take your stick and compact it right down. Give it a good squeeze holding the bottom of it as well to make sure it’s not coming out of the bottom too much. And then as you push it through you should see a fairly fat stick in there.

PVA stick

Step 6: And then if you take out the stick, it should all stay in one piece as you tie it off and then tie it down. You want to get it fairly tight, obviously not to waste PVA as well. Then just trim it off and then you will have one ready made stick.

finished carp stick mix

In Summary

I hope this guide on how to make a stick mix recipe helps you both now and in the future. Getting this right can give you a really good edge so I hope it helps. If you have any question please leave them in the comments section below and feel free to share any other stick mix recipes that work for you.

Stick Mix Ingredients

1 bag of Urban Bait Carp stick mix
1 bag of Urban Bait Nutcracker Boilies
1 bag of Urban Bait Nutcracker pellets
1 bottle of Nutcracker stick mix liquid
1 bucket
1 crusher

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