How To Tie A Wafter Rig & Critically Balanced Carp Rigs

If you want to learn how to tie a Wafter Rig and critically balanced Carp rigs then you’ve come to the right place. In this weeks Carp tips video I’m going to show you step by step how I do it so you can achieve a more consistent catch rate.

A rig that I’ve done really well with over the last 20 odd years has been the wafter. What I find with most wafters is that if you get them out the packet or out of the tub, they are generally all different in accordance with the size of the hook you’re using, the hook link you’re using, and so on. So, in my opinion, making your own wafter is probably the best way of doing it.

How To Tie A Wafter Rig – A Step By Step Guide

Step 1: What I’ve been doing lately is I use one of our Urban Bait barrels and I use one of our 12 mill pop-ups. I put the barrel on first, not length but width ways. Then I put the 12 mil pop-up on but what I tend to do is cut a bit of the 12 mil pop up off so it settles nicely against the barrel.

How To Tie A Wafter Rig

Step 2: Then I’ll put it into the lake and sort of see what it’s got. Normally it will sink with with one of our large barrels and then I’ll cut the ends of the barrel off.

Step 3: Next put it back into the water and you should see that it tends to float. It’ll be fairly balanced. So then I’ll just whittle down the pop-up or whittle down the barrel, in accordance with whichever is going to sink better, and then I’ll get it so it’s sinking really slowly.

How To Tie A Wafter Rig step 2

Critically Balanced Carp Rigs

Another way of doing this is something that we do at Urban, and a lot of guys who use our bait, and that’s something that’s called the pop down Rig which is very similar.

These critically balanced Carp rigs are fairly easy to set up. We simply put an 18 mil pop-up on the line. Then we’ll drill a whole out and then we’ll put a shot in the middle and whittle down the bait using a blade until it sinks. Hence making your own wafters. I mean this actual one that I’ve got in my hand in the below picture will sink really, really slowly. I’ve got it on a bit of Fluorocarbon.

critically balanced Carp rigs

I think one of the reasons these kind of critically balanced Carp rigs work so well as well is that the weight is at the bottom. So the pop-up is at the top and the weight is at the bottom. So as the fish spits the rig out I believe that the actual boilie, which is the weight, or the shot in the case of the pop down rig, pulls the hook home making it really awkward for the fish to get rid of the hook.

In Summary

So if you want to use your own method of using a wafter, a 12 mil pop-up and one of our barrels or one of our hardened hook baits, just whittle it down and you can get it really sinking as slow as you want it to. Once it takes on a bit of water it will just sit on the bottom, it will just sit up off the hair.

It’s caught me a lot of fish when fishing on difficult venues, when the fish are sort of tired of pop ups or heavy bottom baits. Try this method and I’m sure it’ll catch you some fish. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

And just to ensure you don’t go wrong with this, we’ve even made this step by step graphic on how to tie your wafter rig / critically balanced Carp rigs so you can print it off and take with you to the lake. Feel free to use the embed code to embed this on your blog or forum so others can learn how it’s done.

HINTS & TIPS GUIDE: Wafter Rig / Critically Balanced Carp Rig

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