How To Tie Pop Up Carp Rigs – The Multi Rig Step By Step Guide

In today’s video I’m going to show you, step by step, how to tie one of my favourite pop up Carp Rigs – the Multi Rig. I’ve enjoyed great results with this over the years and by the end of this blog post and video, I hope you too can further improve your catch rate with this reliable classic.

I’ve used this Multi Rig now for quite a few years and caught loads of fish on it including a couple of English fifty pounders. So it’s been really good for me. It’s really easy to tie and it’s really versatile to use. It’s quite well known now, one of the more popular pop up rigs for carp fishing of recent times with a lot of people out there using it.

Pop Up Carp Rigs - The Multi Rig

Tying Pop Up Carp Rigs – A Step By Step Guide

Step 1: All you do is get a long length of hooklink, you tie a double loop up one end which is really short, and a double loop up the other end which is a lot longer.

long length of hooklink - one short double loop one longer double loop

Step 2: All I do then is I get the short loop and put it through the inside of the hook so it’s coming out the back of the hook.

Put short loop through the inside of the hook

Step 3: Then I put a size 20 swivel on it and then I put the loop over the hook and tighten it up so it’s really aggressive and it’s just sort of sitting inline with the hook point on the shank.

Add size 20 swivel - put the loop over the hook and tighten

Step 4: Then tie the bait onto the swivel making sure it’s really tight.

Tie bait onto swivel and tighten

Step 5: Next I peel back a bit of the hooklink, the coating just below the knot, just to create a nice hinge for the pop-up to sit up.

Peel back bit of hooklink coating below the knot

Step 6: Then I’ll put a load of putty around the knot itself to sink the pop ups.

Add putty around the knot to sink the pop ups

Originally I used to use our cork ball pop ups with this rig because that sits them up for two or three days and it’s really aggressive sitting up in the water. But our meshed pop ups nowadays are much stronger, much more buoyant than they’ve ever been and they will sit up on a big hook for at least two or three days easily, and that’s even with piercing them. So these are great pop ups to use for these types of pop up Carp rigs – the Multi rig.

Step 7: Then what I’ll do up the other end of the rig is use the long loop, take that through a size 8 swivel, double it through, pull it tight and that acts as a boom section. Then you’ve got a brilliant pop-up rig that sits up there for 2 or 3 days. You can leave it out in the water. You aren’t going to have any problem with it.

Another good thing about this rig is a lot of people think that the loop is going to slide down but the only way the loop can slide down is if you actually hook something with the point. If a Coot comes along and picks up the bait, the hook will stay in the same place. It doesn’t slide because what it does is it actually tightens up the rig.

Pop Up Carp Rigs Won't Slide

So a brilliant rig, one of the best, if not the best, pop up Carp Rigs out there. I’ll carry on using this for many years to come I’m sure.

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