Jack Harvey – A New Campaign A New Bait – Nutcracker!!!

I’ve been fishing a southern syndicate in Hampshire for the last month and I’ve been picking of a couple of fish here and there, ive been tempted over the last few month to give the nutcracker as go as I’ve seen some of the captures the bait has produced, so I waited until payday and ordered 5kg plus some 12mm pop ups just as a tester. I received the bait on a Friday luckily my days of work were coming up and I said to the misses I’m of for a quick overnighter on the Sunday, I don’t get out as much as liked due to working full time, I have a misses and a young boy, but I manage at least , one quick overnighter every 4 days due to my work rota.


I don’t tend to like fishing weekends as I find them to busy, anyways as I was saying Sunday came round and I got down to the lake around 5ish, I wanted to get down a little bit early but still I was there having turned up I was the only one there on the 9 acre pit. I had a little scout about I soon found the fish in a normal swim I’ve been fishing, so quickly got to work, I only use 2 rods you can use 3 but I find this works in my favour as to where I fish in that particular swim, on my right hand side there is a overhanging tree and to the right of that some reeds and over hanging branches, I introduced 1kilo of 14mm nutcracker around the spot quickly set up the rod with a hinged stiff rig, with a 12mm nutcracker washed out white pop up and put it on a nice hard patch tight to the reeds.


My left hand spot is to reeds again but tight to my left hand margin again introducing 1 kilo of nutcracker bottom baits, same rig with the same pop up, after about half an hour I had carp over me fizzing and booshing on both spots so I new it was only a matter of time, with in a hour the left hand rod was of producing the first fish a low 20lb mirror.


The action was quite for the rest of the evening, still fish continued to boosh over the areas, and at 4 in the morning the rod was of again, this time I need it was a much better fish staying deep and taking me into snags, finally I got the net under it looking at it I new I had one the lakes A team in the net the scales went to 31lb a nice chunky linear so I was delighted only my third session on the lake and I was away a new bait and a new venue, the fish remained in the sling until it was light enough to do some photos. After that I decided to pack up and head on home. 4 days later I was back down to do another quick night same swim and same tactics


I went on to have a 27 mirror, commons of 20lb and a 30lb mirror, the venue is proving to be pritty slow for others but with the tactics and baiting situation I believe I’m out smarting even the older members and hopefully the streak continues thanks to the nutcracker.

Thanks Jack Harvey

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