Jack Harvey has a result on his Syndicate Lake…

I went back down to my syndicate for a session this time i manage to get 3 nights in if i choose to, i got down the lake at around about 7:30 in the evening, my favored swim was free but there was a bloke in a swim a couple up from where i would of liked to of gone fishing around the same area, so i thought ive got a few days to move about so i opted for a swim round the other side of the lake, the swim has some reedy margins and a island no more than 20 yards out, why i choose this swim i honestly couldn’t say as i don’t tend to fish to islands but i opted for this swim. With about and hour or so before darkness and before a savage storm was about to hit i just about managed to get everything set up and rods out. i wasn’t feeling overly confident due to winds of up to 60mph and heavy rain but towards early hours the winds died and rain slowly eased of, with first light coming around my left hand rod just ripped a one toner bend round double and i was in, slipping the net under and appreciated 18lb common after the night i just had, i thought id re do all the rods and re position and bait back up.

All 3 rods were on the spot 2 baited heavily with 14mm Nutcracker boilies and the rigs were hinged stiff rigs with a 12 mm Nutcracker pop up on and the middle rod was cast to a over hanging tree single 12mm nutcracker pop up, the middle rod was the first to rip of resulting in a lovely 20+ mirror, followed half and hour later with a belting run on my right hand rod down to my right hand margin, this i knew was a better fish as it stayed deep and was ploding as the bigguns do, when i slipped the net under it and had a look i new i had a gooden a nice 30lb8oz mirror i was buzzing, and the action died so i thought id give it a rest and go home and freshen up.


I returned a day later with just one rod and walked around the lake trying to locate some carp, i then found some carp in a tight corner of the lake, i chopped up some nutcracker boilies and chucked them in the margins and i could see instantly the carp where heads down tails up so i rigged up with just a simple hair rig, with a nutcracker barrel tipped of with half a 12mm nutcracker pop up, i put the rig down just to the side of where i could see the carp feeding, as i poped the rod down resting on the floor the line tightened and the clutch just ripped, it had only been out no more than 10 seconds which resulted in a 33lb mirror buzzing is a understatement , my confidence in this bait had just rocketed and i can not wait to see what it does on a lake in france i fish in august, get on the nutcracker you will not be disappointed


Jack Harvey

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