Lee England’s Winter Result…

Our man in Essex Lee England or ‘Essex Lee’ as we like to call him at the factory has been intouch…. over to Lee

“Arrived at the lake before first light and walked around for an hour waiting untill i see a fish show, eventualy they did and i moved into the swim quickly. I cast towards the area they showed fishing with washed out 18mm Nutcracker from Urban Baits that i had left to soak in warm water from the kettle over night, (The reason for the kettle is to boil away the chlorine content from the tap water) I lose fed 8-10 of the washed out baits ontop of the PVA foam nugget when it floated up off my rig. Within 40 mins i had the 10lb mirror on the bank.


whilst rebaiting the rod i noticed a fish show just off an overhanging willow on the far bank. with two casts the rod was clipped and once again i cast to the showing fish. same baiting method, a single washed out nutcracker and 8-10 loose baits at the foam nugget. an hour later the rod ripped off and i was into the 12lb common.


still holding faith the fish were holding up under the willow i re baited and re cast. i placed the rod on the rest and turnt round to grap the catapult and before i even reached for the boilies the reel was unwinding and there came the third fish of the session, a lovley 23lb mirror. Taking time to find the fish at the start of the session, washing out the baits & casting to showing fish with accurate baiting helped me bank these 3 stunning winter fish.”

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