Lee price just can’t stop catching on the Nutcracker!!!

Hi all,
          Its me again! As usual I finished work at 9pm on tueday 12th of may 2015 and shot to my cambs syndicate, got my faverite swim and set up in the dark, to have my rods out and fishing by 2300. 2 rods fished out at  range on my adapted version of the naked chod on washed out white nutcracker pop ups, in 9ft of water in a silt gully. The 3rd rod was fished at 60 yards range on the drop off of a plateux in 8ft of water. All were fished over a good 3 kg spread of the deadly nutcracker.
It didnt take long for my first bite – 2am and the middle rod was sailing away with my delkim emulating somewhat of a disco light show! Unfortunatly this fish was lost due to a hookpull. This bite came from the silt. As alot of weed on the line and rather thab pick all this off, I always have a 4th rod set up and ready to rock (something my days on linear taught me so many times have i had a fish in the net and fizzed the spare rod out and had a quick bite!) So this was blasted back out with another half a kg of the good stuff  stuck out. I sorted the rod I had the bite on, put a new rig on it with a self sharpened hook that was so sharp it ought to have come with a health warning. (To me no hooks out of the pack are sharp enough!) So with all rods out on the spots and my spare rod ready to go I got back in the bag, and drifted off peeved that i lost 1. I was awoken at 0530 by the rod on the plateux drop off ripping off and was on it in a flash, a turbo charged carp flat rodded me and took a fair bit of line charging all over the place, until I finally got some gain and begain to get in control. Evetually a nice zip linear was in the net,  a fish known as the black spot lin, and the spare rod was blitzed back out on the spot and I was ready to deal with the fish. She went 20lb 5 on the scales and ths guy in the nearest swim was sound asleep so I did some self takes and got back in the bag to stay warm. 0630am and the same rod was away but this time it tore off to my left and weeded me up on top of shallow 3ft bit on top of a bar! Clever little bugger, I knew his game but I couldnt stop him! These carp really must have had their weetabix, as they were all turbo charged and furious now the water temp was up. I applied the pressure and slowly lowered and lifed the rod tip while slowly walking back (a method i have found uproots even the most stubborn of weed). Out he came and a ball of weed slowly came in and was all scooped up. Out went the spare rod again and then the mass of weed was lifted out on to my mat, parted and there lay a lovely common. 18lb 10 on the scales and was slipped straight back no need for a picture of this one.
7am once again I was in, this time the middle rod on the silt gully was the 1! This fish didnt fight very hard but still didnt come easy, charging about under the rod tip and eventually into the net. I knew immediatly she was a better fish, a real old cambs common with white tips on her fins, weighed in at a much better 25lb 3. By now matey next door had risen from his slumber and was more than willing to take some cracking shots for me while the proud common kept the dorsal up for the shots. 3 fish in under 2 hours! Was this really the same lake I had blanked all winter on?
I spent a good hour shareing coffee and chatting to the geezer, a really nice old chap called Brian who had fished the complex on and off over the past 25 years or so. He really was a minefield of information for me and learning about the history of the place just had me more and buzzing for the place.
 I was sure more bites would come during the day but they didnt. It wasnt until 2200 just as I had finished laughing at Real Madrid losing at home to juve that the left hand rod that had done nothing but a bream so far was away! (This rod was on the same spot I had that lovely 33lb 12 pb common from a couple of weeks back, my 1st fish on the nutcracker too!!)
I knew straight away that this was the best fish so far as it errupted on the surface and charged off ripping about 50 yards off on its 1st run. The fight carried on by me gaining line only for it to rip off twice as much!! Slowly but surely I coaxed it in, and it went absolutely berserk under the rod tip for a good ten minutes! This fish really was harder than an Irish gypsey bare knuckle fighter! And when it eventually did end up in the mesh I had to drop to my knees and gain my breath and energy back! I started laughing at the whole episode and fizzed the spare rod straight back out, lifted the fish out (it was heavy!!) Unhooked the absolute minter of a common and weighed it in at 28lb 9oz. GET IN!! I Went and got the new occupant of the nearest swim to do the honours and upon inspection I noticed a tell tale scratch down its left flank. Inspecting its left eye I confirmed it was indeed the legendary blind eye! One of the original stock from a good 30 years ago and a fish that used to hit mid 30s! I was elated and did a little under water release vid and went to bed a VERY happy angler indeed!! No more fish were landed though I did receive another two belting runs one on the middle rod at 3am unfortunatly this one slipped off on a hook pull, and the drop off rod at 0930 which unfortunatlg weeded me so heavy that when I did finally uproot the weed it had gone.
But despite packing everything including the pod away leaving just 2 rods fishing on the ground with the drags set old school style, no more runs were forthcoming and by 3pm I was on the road, homeward bound with a smile on my face. 7 runs 4 landed, I wish I had landed them all but I couldnt help to think how happy I was to have had blind eye.
Now for a 2 week break to spend come quality time with the missus and kids, until the next time.
2015-05-13 22.04.50
Be lucky one and all, GET ON THE GOING BAIT
Lee Price

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