Luke Goodwin with some amazing fish on the Nutcracker!!!

“Soon after getting back on the bank this year after a years break I decided to start off with a few nights on my local reservoir. I soon got amongst the fish and quickly got back in to the swing of things.



The first session back I nettted 3 upper doubles and 2 of the smaller ones in the lake. After fishing for a target fish in a more difficult low stock club lake for 4 years previous which is now knocking on nearly 40lb I decided to get back on and have another go at trying to catch it.


After a couple of slow nights using hemp and a scattering of the nutcracker I decided to take a different approach of just strictly boilies with a scattering of tigers. I baited up a couple of margins with a good few kilos of boiles and fished a 24hour session. The morning after I was woken by a blistering take and landed one of the best looking fish in my area.


Being the 3rd time of catching this fish, it was looking like it was at its biggest weight. (Recent weights being 17lb, then again at 19lb.12oz) and this time hit the scales at 26lb.14oz and a current personal best which fell victim to the deadly nutcracker!!! ”


Luke Goodwin

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