Maggot Fishing For Carp In Winter – A Step By Step Guide

In this week’s video we’re going to show you how Maggot fishing for Carp in winter can be made a lot more successful. It just needs a little advanced planning. In the video and blog post that follow, Leon Bartropp, walks you through how to use a bucket, sieve and our Liver Cracker Powder to make the Maggots highly attractive to the Carp especially in the winter months.

My top tip for winter is to look after your maggots! Fish love maggots in the winter. I mix my maggots in with my hemp, my chili hemp, my 12 mil Nutcracker and crushed up Nutcracker. I then put them all in one bucket. But critical to all this is that it’s really important that you look after your Maggots.

Nutcracker powder and chili hemp for maggots in winter

Maggot Fishing For Carp In Winter Requires A Sieve & Bucket

Now invest yourself in a sieve and a nice big bucket. You see I’ve got about three or four pints of Maggots in the below picture. I’ll sieve them about twice a day to keep them in tip-top condition. The reason being, as soon as they start sweating, they start getting Ammonia all over them. The fish just veer off them because that Ammonia is a really bad chemical, they really don’t like it.

Maggot Fishing For Carp In Winter

So the first thing to do is sieve your Maggots. Stick them all in the sieve and let the sieve do its business. Then come back in about 15 minutes. In that time all the Maggots should have gone through the sieve. You’ll be left with just a few stragglers. You can throw them away.

Once they’ve passed through the sieve you’ll see they’re all nice and clean fresh Maggots. So just add a bit of spice to the bucket along with the Liver cracker powder and you’ve got yourself a lovely little winter edge. The Carp love Liver and they love Maggots.

Maggot Fishing For Carp Needs Liver Powder

What you should do is put a good helping of the Liver Cracker Powder in the bucket with the Maggots. Probably half a tub will do. As you can see in the above picture, what the Maggots do is they roll themselves in the powder and they’ll eat it as well. So they’ll be giving out all the signals of the Liver when they’re out on the lake bed. As such this is a real top winter tip if you’re planning on Maggot fishing for Carp in winter or through any of the coldest months.

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