How Moon Phases Affect Carp Fishing – Video Discussion

In today’s Q&A video I want to talk about how moon phases affect carp fishing in my experience. It’s an issue that comes up a lot in comments, so I thought I’d make this video to give you guys and gals my take on it. I’ve caught my two biggest common carp during full moon cycles and have witnessed certain patterns over the years. So in the below video and blog post, I weigh on in it.

Something that’s really intrigued me over the years has been moon phases. Lots of people talk about them. Lots of people swear by them. Some people dismiss them out of hand. But me and a few other really close fishing friends who I talk to a lot, have realised the patterns that the moon phases can have with carp fishing. And I’m sure with all other types of fishing as well.

I mean for instance the last couple of seasons I’ve been fishing one particular lake. When I look at a lot of the captures, they’re coming out on the moon phases. They’re coming out on the new moons. They’re coming out on the full moons and there definitely seems to be a pattern.

Moon Phases – Big Common Carp & Full Moons

You hear a lot of people talking about big Commons and full moons. Well funnily enough in all the years that I’ve carp fished, the two biggest Commons that I’ve ever caught have both come on full moons. My first ever 50 pound Common English fish, came on a full moon. It was on a super moon, one of the biggest moons of the year. And this has been going on now for the last good few seasons.

Terry Dempsey Giant Common Carp

Nowadays I’m looking at moon phases and I’m fishing with moon phases in mind. It just seems so bizarre. There’s no real scientific explanation for why. Between me and a few different close fishing friends, we’re looking at these moon phases and we’re seeing the same patterns arriving.

We’re looking at the lakes we’re fishing. When there’s a New Moon’s just gone by, it’ll do a few bites and then it will slow down again. Then it will creep back up. This isn’t to say that we’re not going blank on full moons and we’re not going blank on new moons and moon phases, because we are. I mean you know sometimes carp fishing has the ability to really twist and turn and I think that’s why we all love it so much.

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