New Strawberry Nutcracker + Hemp Oil + Jacket Competition = Happy Christmas Everyone!

In today’s video I’m filming from the Urban Bait offices. We’ve had a good year in 2017. So today I’m gonna do a short video explaining some of the stuff we’re going to be doing in 2018, offer up a great prize in a competition and wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year!

As you know we’ve had the same bait for a few years. The Tuna and garlic, the Nutcracker and the red spicy fish, and due to popular demand a lot of guys have been asking us over the last few years to bring another bait out. I didn’t really want to bring another bait out because I know our three baits, all three of them, will work you know they’ll work forever and they’ll keep on working. But one bait did twist my arm and I had to do it.

When I was about 13, 14, I got old of a flavouring from a company that used to be called Rayners. And it was a strawberry and all I had was about 50 mil of this flavouring and the amount of fish that I caught just from that small bottle was unbelievable. It came to the point where I would just use it as hook baits, I didn’t like to put any freebies out because I didn’t want to waste any of this flavouring.

Anyway all year last year I’m looking around trying to get this same strawberry. I eventually found it. It is such a beautiful flavouring and we made some up earlier in the summer, gave it to a couple of the lads, straightaway they was out catching fish.

Strawberry Nutcracker

Strawberry Nutcracker Ingredients

So what we decided to do was go ahead and make a strawberry nutcracker which consists of the nutcracker base mix, which we know is a brilliant catch out even without any flavouring, we know this base mix will catch fish from anywhere.

What we’ve done with the strawberry nutcracker base mix is we’ve added some red factor in it, just to give it a slightly different redish colour. It’s got little red flecks in the base mix which are coming out through the bait. We’ve added the strawberry flavouring to it, we’ve added some nut juice as well as a sweetener which is a natural sweetener made from Tiger nut juice, which is again another great ingredient. We’ve got it all together, we’ve made it up and it is out there catching fish already.

It’s only been out to our testers properly over the last three weeks and we’re seeing snow carp getting caught on it. It’s already done carp to sixty odd pound since it’s been out there with just a few guys. So brilliant bait. We’re gonna be really looking forward to it we’re going to be bringing it out around March time which I think is a good time to bring it out. This bait will work all year round. We know that it’s a great Summer bait, also will catch in the Winter, Autumn, Spring. So you know really looking forward to that.

Urban Bait Hemp Oil

Only one other product that we are going to be bringing out very soon which is Hemp Oil. You know Hemp Oil brilliant ingredient to use for carp and a lot of guys have been asking, have been using Hemp Oil with their Nutcracker over the last few years and a lot of people are saying to us can we bring out a Hemp Oil.

So again we’ve sourced a real top-quality Hemp Oil we’re going to go ahead with that and that’s gonna be coming out very soon for you guys out there.

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year!

We’re only ten days away from Christmas and I really want to say a massive thanks to all our support, everyone who’s been using our bait, everyone who’s been supporting us over the last few years and I really hope you guys have a brilliant Christmas and a great 2018!

Limited Edition Jackets

Competition Time – Win A Limited Edition Urban Bait Jacket!

Also as a little Christmas present to someone out there we’re going to run a competition. We are offering one of our limited edition jackets as a prize. They’re very very warm for even current temperatures you. They’ve got real thick lining in them. They’re really, really nice jackets for fishing even for wearing outside.

And all we want to know is what was the biggest carp caught on Urban Bait during 2017? There’s probably a few of you guys out there who know it. If you could like and share this, leave your answer in the comments and what we’ll do, just before Christmas, we’ll choose a winner and over the Christmas period we’ll send out one of these Jackets.

When you answer on the post could you please say which size you’re going to be and whether you want it in black or green and we do have some in each color left.

Also make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’re going to be running videos through 2018. We’ll be trying to get a video out every single week. Not just about our bait but also about all different types of carp angling and and we’re going to be doing lots of different stuff going back and looking at some of the lakes what we’ve fished over the last 30 odd years and really trying to get as much information out to you guys as possible.

So have a great Christmas, have a great 2018 and look forward to seeing you again soon! Thank you.


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