Our Man “Essex” Lee banks some stunners!!!

I fished  48 hour session on myths pool this weekend, i managed 4 fish to 15lb but size is irrelevant when they look like theese!!!

To start the session i arrived Friday afternoon and after standing in the swim setting up my brolly i hear a fish crash in the bay to my right, i had my rods broke down in the rod bag from the over nighter tuesday so i quickly pulled it out and set it up, it had a chod rig on with a 15mm nutcracker pop up still attatched. i clipped on the lead and it was cast to the area the fish showed in. i carried on setting up and ten mins later the rod bounced round and after a dogged fight i had my first fish, a beautifull 14.12lb mirror. having built camp i marked out to fish at 9 wraps 12 foot behind a hump. i baited the area with half baits, 18mm nutcracker of course. i stuck two rods on the spot and put out half a kilo of the half baits that had been rolled in the nutcracker glug. i kept my 3rd baited and foamed awaiting another showing fish. i spent the day putting the chod rig on showing fish to no avail, around 3am that night a fish showed 6 foot from the opposite bank so as i had been doing all day and night, i quickly reeled in the right hand rod and re chucked to the fish. 5.30am the next morning the rod ripped into life and it wasnt long before i was holding up a stunning 15lb mirror for the camera. after nicking two fish on the chods to 15mm nutcracker i decide to swap over one of the bottom bait rods that was on the spot to a chod. i continued my baiting pattern of half a kilo 3 times a day. after finishing spombing out the lunch time feed it wasnt long before the patch slicked up and i had another take, this time a drop back, after another hard fight i had my reward in the shape of a cracking 14.6lb mirror.


This was turning out to be the weekend for the stockies but i wasnt complaining. the evening came in and again i was greeted with fish showing in the bay. once again the trusty chod went on the spot and within an hour i was playing what turnt out to be the smallest of the haul. although judging from the fight it felt the biggest. once again i was having some snaps with a 13lb mirror, the same fish i nicked on the overnighter tuesday night. he must like the nutcracker. the night past without a fish and i spent the next 12 hours roaming the lake after everyone left chucking to showing fish, unfortuanatly no joy but what an awsome session.

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