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This carp bait hemp oil is derived from arguably the finest angling baits of all time. It is recognised as the primary attractor within hemp seed itself.

It has a remarkably nutty taste and scent that is simply divine. In addition is has a nutritional profile that is up there with the very best hemp fishing bait oils available. It is extremely rich in essential omega oils, vitamins and minerals that a carp require. As such it adds a great nutritional value to all baits.

Carp Bait Hemp Oil Is Highly Versatile

Add this to your spod mix, base mix, use it to dampen down stick mix’s or simply glug boilies. It is guaranteed to boost the natural attraction of any bait and get even the wariest of carp feeding.

This product is completely PVA friendly and comes in a 500ml bottle. So enjoy this carp bait hemp oil and enjoy a more consistent carp catch.

In this video Urban Bait’s Jim Shelley walks you through how to use this carp bait hemp oil with our Nutcracker flavouring and pop ups for a serious edge.

In this video Jim Shelley show’s you how to mix a combination of Urban Bait Hemp Oil, Nut Juice and Liquid Liver Extract with Urbans’ Stick Mix. This recipe creates a super enhanced bait for the cold months especially.

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