The Benefits Of Using Hardened Hookbaits

Anyone who knows a bit about Urban Bait, knows that there are three baits in the range. You’ve got the Tuna and Garlic, you’ve got the Red Spicy Fish and you’ve got the obviously famous, Nutcracker. To go with those baits are a range of hookbaits.

Like most companies, all the hookbait colours match the flavours. You’re not forced to use, let’s say, a pineapple popup. If you want to use a yellow one, you can use the yellow nutcracker or a yellow red spicy or tuna and garlic and there are other colours, like pink, washed out, whites and so on and so forth.

The good thing about it, as well, Terry is a very like-minded angler to myself. He has fished a lot of places over the years and he’s been fishing the same as.

When you’re using a decent bait, it’ll break down.

After a day or so it will soften up, and that’s what you want. You want it to leak off, you don’t want a hardened bait, dried out in trees and everything else, in air drying bags. You just want a decent bait that the fish are going to eat out of the lake, not air dried.

The only problem with that, if you’ve got a fairly soft bait that they like eating, is whether it’s going to stay on when you leave your rods out for twenty-four to forty-eight, sometimes up to seventy-two hours. So one good thing that Terry has done, well he’s done a lot of good things, but one good thing in my mind are these hardened hookbaits. If you’re not using a popup and you want to use a bottom bait but you’re not sure whether one out of the bag is going to stay on.

It’s okay if you’re expecting to run every ten minutes but if you’re waiting for a day or so for a bite you want to know that hookbait is still on.

So the hardened hook bait. They cover the range, from the Red Spicy, Nutcracker, Tuna and Garlic. So, it’s there for you to use. Come the summer, when the spots are clean and you’re using bottom baits, that’s what I put on.

You catch on them just as well. So it’s worth considering, if you like a bottom bait as well.

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