Wesley Elvin – Urban Essex Team Members First Session Cracker!!!

Wesley Elvin Instant success…. After being given the opportunity to be come part of urban baits Essex team, I was itching to get out the bank to give the famous nutcracker a go,and with me joining a new syndicate I decided 2 nights at the start of the week was the plan. After having a walk round the lake a couple of times I decided the area of the lake I wanted to fish which was near the tail end of the wind and with up to 50mph gusts I thought this would be the place t be. The first day was pretty quite with the odd liner but no signs off fish at all,and by around 8pm the wind had picked up a fair bit so I knew it was time to retire to the brolly. After a restless night of having half my swim being blown up the bank by 5.15am the right rod was away and after a bit of a scary fight with me getting blown around everywhere I managed to land myself one of the lakes fully scaled mirrors. Weighing in at 25lb 4oz I was over the moon, not only was it my first fish from a new venue but on a new bait as well I couldn’t of asked for more. The rest of the weekend went by with no further action and as well as me getting Ill after the first night I couldn’t wait to get home. Both of my rods were fished with 15mm White nutcracker pop ups on a hinge stiff rig in conjunction with 15mm nutcracker bottom baits which were fed as half and whole boilies.

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