Why Hinged Pop Up Rig Combinations With Big Hooks Will Give You A Big Edge This Winter

Want to know why hinged pop up rig combinations work so well with big hooks? Then you’ve come to the right place because in this weeks video, resident Carp expert Jim Shelley walks you through the pop ups he uses to such great affect to regularly catch Carp weighing more than fifty pounds.

A Hinged Pop Up Rig + A Big Hook = Guaranteed Carp

I get asked a lot of questions about hinged pop up rig combinations and whether they reliably stay up? Everyone knows I use chods, hinged stiff rigs and I’m a great believer in using big hooks with them. So what I say to people is, look, I wouldn’t be using these if they weren’t any good.

Before we had the cork ball ones, I used to make the cork ball by myself using the paste which I kindly got from Terry Dempsey at Urban Bait.

Hinged Pop Up Rig

The ones pictured above are the Natural popups in white. I can leave these in position for two days. So in this video I’m using a size five hook, twenty pound, twenty-five pound hook link for chod fishing, over weed etcetera.

Now, if I’m using the natural white pop ups, I can tell you that they work and they stay up. And I ain’t just saying this, I’ve caught so many big fish since I’ve been with Urban Baits using these hook baits. It’s unbelievable. Fish to over fifty pounds. So give the white ones a try.

hinged pop up rig with big hook

People have known for years and years that I love white. Even twenty years ago, it was white. But the pink washed out ones, they’ve got the colour perfect now.

Some people like them in the winter, I get more bites on white. I’m out there fishing all the time fishing for winter fish. In the last two weeks alone I’ve had twenty-four Carp from five days fishing and I’ve still got a pink one out there. I’ve had a few on it but it’s not like the white. Where I’m fishing they love the white.

Location Is A Key Factor In Winter Carp Fishing

A lot of people ain’t fishing in the winter, so when they start, I wouldn’t go and worry so much about fishing over mega loads of bait. Location is a key factor, finding the fish. Chuck a boosted one at them.

nutcracker flavour boosted white pop ups

Trust me, I was a bit gutted when Terry put the Nutcracker flavour out there to the general public. He kept it under wraps for a little while and then I got told it was going public. When it works, you’ve got to pass it to the public, you the anglers. So, try it.

A boosted single white one definitely works but do not forget about the pink. Chod rigs, hinged stiff rigs with big hooks, these popups, the whole range. They hold the hooks up for a lot of time, and I mean a lot of time, and stay. If you quickly balance it on the hinged stiff it’ll stay basically the same.

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