Winter Carp Fishing Watercraft Tips Video With Andrew Booth

Today Urban Bait tester Andrew Booth is going to show you some carp fishing watercraft tips which will help you out in the winter months. The aim is to try and make it a little bit easier for you to go and find some fish in the winter and hopefully get amongst them. He’ll be looking at carp behaviour and where they hang out in the cold months. This part 1 of a 2 part series so look out for the follow up video and post in a couple of weeks time. Enjoy!

NB: The video has been temporarily removed due to a request from the committee who manage the lake used in the filming. The tips outlined below still stand as great advice.

Carp Fishing Watercraft Tip 1

Buy yourself a pair of polarised sunglasses. Now I believe these are the most vital piece of kit that you can own. Without these you’ll be blind to a lot of the signs of the fish.

They’re an amazing bit of kit. They take the glare off the water enabling you to see into the water, enabling
you to see further really, like blocking sunlight from obstructing your vision. So I suggest you get a pair of them.

Carp Fishing Watercraft polarised sunglasses are a must

There’s loads of companies that do them, some better than others, but you can get a pretty decent pair for a reasonable price. Personally, I’ve got two sets of polarised glasses. One from Fortis, which do really good polarised glasses for a reasonable price. I went a bit extravagant with the other ones which are HD polarised glasses. Both do a brilliant job. Obviously you’ve got different colour lenses for different conditions and different coloured waters so bear that in mind when shopping.

Carp Fishing Watercraft Tip 2

Find The Warmth. In the above video you can see that we’re at a fairly big lake. It’s got numerous islands. It’s around about 13 to 14 Acres in size. So the main question would be where do you start on a water like this?

Well I think I think the biggest clue or tip I could give you is generally, in the winter, the carp like to be in the warmest place possible. So my tip would be to let the wildlife tell you where to fish for a start because these creatures live in this environment and generally they like to stay warm as well.

Carp Fishing Watercraft Stay Out The Wind

As you’ll see in the video, I was surprised that there was not a lot of wildlife on the side of the lake I was looking at. The reason being I found a bit of slack water off the back of the wind where it’s a bit let choppy and the wind isn’t so bitter. Normally I would fish in a place like that, where the wind is a bit less “raging”.

This is what I mean by off the back of the wind. As you can see the wind is pushing in here but then, from the protection of the island, you can see slack water just here which, in general, would be warmer. So that, I think, would be a good area to put your baits because like I explained earlier, carp like to stay warm, and this is usually a good sheltered area from the wind. So the water temp stays slightly warmer. I’m going to continue walking around now and have a look for some signs and I’ll explain what these signs are when I find them.

Carp Fishing Watercraft Tip 3

Watch How The Wildlife is Behaving. Next up, as you’ll see in the video, I found a nice spot off the edge of an island. It was pretty calm and obviously islands are good holding areas for carp. In such circumstances I would keep an eye out for wildlife such as Coots and Ducks and things which dive and pick up bait.

In the winter months, there’s not a lot of bait going into the water. So when you find the few Coots and Ducks diving, generally it means there’s food in that area. So watch how they behave and just keep scanning the water.

Carp Watercraft - Watch the Wildlife Behaviour

If you jump to 5:35 in the video you’ll see I found a couple of Coots in an area investigating, seeing if there was any bait left around. A couple of Ducks were near them which told me they were fairly comfortable in that area. The water was fairly calm there with a bit more bird life. I even saw an oil slick nearby which told me there was bait in the area. Someone must have been fishing it recently. Also as I turned up in the swim, I think I spooked a fish and I saw a bow wave nearby.

I also spotted some more ducks diving, just off the front of an island. In such circumstances, that could be a sign that there’s a bit of bait out there as well, especially given I was stood on a fishing peg. So all in all it looked pretty good and told me that it would be a good area to start fishing from. Basically the wildlife was telling me they were comfortable there.

Carp Fishing Watercraft Conclusions

I think we’ve covered most aspects of winter carp watercraft there. My main tip would be to look on the back of the wind, which is generally more comfortable for everyone. Also it’s less cold for yourself…which is always a winner! And keep scanning the water. You might get lucky and see one show. It’s rare in winter but if you do, generally where there’s one, most of them are there because they’re comfortable there. So yeah keep your eyes peeled! And do look out for part 2 of this carp fishing watercraft series in the coming weeks!

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