CARP FISHING – The silent pond (part 2)

Given how well received last week’s “Silent Pond Part 1” video went, I thought it best to introduce part 2 to those of you who haven’t seen it. Hopefully this continues to get you amped up for the season ahead. Come on you good weather!

The second common really came at a nice time. I’d gone through the winter. I hadn’t done any nights at the lake but what I had done though was I kept going down to the lake and doing morning sessions. I love doing my mornings fishing and I’d done quite a few mornings, a few afternoons and to be honest struggled. Everyone else down there struggled too. We didn’t see a fish after November and it was pretty grim.

silent pond 2

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I went down there in April and the fish had woken up. They were moving about and stuff like that. I fished in my favourite swim which is the Iris. I’ve had loads of fish out the Iris since I’ve been on this lake. You know probably my most, one of my most successful swims. Fished it, got me baits in place. Nutcracker cork ball pop ups on all three rods because I’ve got a lot of confidence on the mesh ones.

Got all them in place and it wasn’t until the next morning that I saw a fish. I saw a fish show but nowhere near me. Quite a way away and at about half past ten, this was after I’d been getting Cooted. Coots kept coming along. I had a rod in shallow water, probably about four foot. Coots kept coming along, picking me hookbait up. Just absolutely driving me nuts they were. A total disaster.

carp rods

Half past ten I heard a buzzer again expecting to see another Coot and the rod being round the rest, full test curve you know because I was fishing locked up. When I looked out on the plateau that I was fishing, there was a massive eruption out there and a big fish was trying to get away, big towel.

Anyway I had a really hard battle with it. It took a lot of line off me. It was really nerve-wracking running across shallow bars and stuff, which I never like. And after a while it tired. I played it back in and netted it. And that’s when we realised how big this fish actually was.

I knew it was a mid forty, a common. It was a new fish for me. It was a fish I’d never had before. A lot of these fish in here I’ve caught on one or two occasions. I’m still after one particular fish.

50 pound common carp

But I weighed this common up and it was just a couple of ounces short of fifty pound. In fact it rested on fifty pound and it was bouncing just under, so we called it 49 12. But an absolute peach of a common. So two carp for over one hundred pound.

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